Refer :- IS 18001:2007

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management, or PSM, is an OSHA standard that requires employers to identify, evaluate, and control the hazards associated with the highly hazardous chemicals used in their processes.Read more

Refer :- IS 18001:2007

Unit Operation & Process Hazards

In this blog post, we delve into two fundamental aspects of chemical engineering: unit operations and process hazards. Join us on a journey to explore the intricacies of these concepts and understand their critical role in shaping industrial processes.Read more….

Refer :- IS 18001:2007

A Guide to Safe Handling of Chemicals

In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential principles and guidelines for safely working with chemicals, ensuring the well-being of personnel, communities, and the environment.Read more….

Refer :- IS 18001:2007

Risk Assessment and Control

A risk assessment is a systematic process of identifying hazards and evaluating any associated risks within a workplace, then implementing reasonable control measures to remove or reduce them.Read more…

Refer :- IS 18001:2007

  Fire and Explosion Hazards

Fire and explosion hazards pose significant risks in various industries, from manufacturing and chemical processing to mining and oil and gas. These incidents can lead to severe injuries, fatalities, and substantial property damage. This blog explores the causes, consequences, and essential strategies for preventing fire and explosion hazards in the workplace.

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